Process of house making

From design and construction to after-sales service

We will create special homes using Japanese wood and natural materials with our own management system. After construction starts, the designer in charge visits the site and responds and manages it responsibly. Even after moving in, we will assist you with advice on living, consultation on renovation, maintenance, and 1 and 5 years inspection.

Schedule of new construction and detached houses

  • 1. Introduction

    We are creating safe, healthy and environmentally friendly homes suitable for Japan's climate. We will explain in detail the building materials, and we will ask you about the image and way of thinking for your residence.

  • 2. Budget and Fund planning

    Budget is also important to realize your desired home. Considering the budget, we will also consider the construction method and the materials to use and the financial planning.

  • 3. Design consulting

    Mutual understanding with your designer is important in planning for safe and healthy living by making full use of the only one your site on the earth. In order to inquire about your wishes in detail, fill out and submit "Housing design and planning record". At the same time we will also make concrete ideas for housing and plan for financing.

  • 4. Determination of basic plan

    We will consider basic plan with reference to rough plans, image sketches, work tours. We will decide the basic plan with your consent.

  • 5. Design, Supervision, and Contract

    Once the outline of the basic plan is completed, we will sign contracts for design and supervision contract architects. The cost will be calculated based on the total floor area decided in the basic plan.

  • 6. Starting basic design

    Based on the plan, we will create a finishing table, a plan view, an elevation view, a section drawing, and a rectangle drawing.

  • 7. Starting final design

    We will create the development and structure diagram of each room, the electrical equipment diagram, the water supply drainage equipment drawing, detail drawing, the structure calculation, the sketch.

  • 8. Review and confirm final design

    We will discuss with you about interior such as floor, wall, lighting, and furniture and exterior such as gate, fence, and planting. Based on the results, we will decide the final design. We will produce the finished model and the architectural perspective at additional costs.

  • 9. Confirmation notice of building confirmation application

    Based on the design drawing, we will submit a building confirmation application to the government office on behalf of you. We will also submit design review of the Housing Loan Corporation.

  • 10. Create a detailed quote

    We use many natural materials and Japanese timber in our house making. Therefore, the idea of those involved in construction is also important. Experience and approach on Japanese timber and natural materials of designers and field staff are also important. We will ask the person who completed the house and visit the construction example.

  • 11. Making a Memorandum of Construction Contract

    The designer checks the contract details and conditions. We will also submit a list of suppliers and process charts.

  • 12. Demolition of the existing building

    If there is an existing building in the construction site, it is industrial waste. We will dispose of industrial waste properly and stop electricity, gas, and water.

  • 13. Starting construction

    We will perform the place ceremony to pray god of the land. During the construction period, we will submit a construction supervision report and a report of each inspection to you. We will greet the neighborhood.

  • 14. “Joto Ceremony”

    After the skeleton of a building is completed, the Japanese ceremony “Joto Ceremony” is held in hope of security of the construction. We will also begin discussion on color determination. If you have a request for purchasing new furniture, we will advise and coordination.

  • 15. Completed wood construction

    We will inspect the wood work and interior foundation. We will also discuss about interior trimmers and painter.

  • 16. Completion and Delivery inspection

    Your house has been completed. We will check with you in general. Please check the bad part of construction. At that time, we will explain the handling of equipment and buildings.

  • 17. Registration of building

    Please register the building. We will introduce land house researcher and judicial scrivener. This will take time, so please prepare as soon as possible

  • 18. Passing keys

    We will hand you the key. At this stage, we will register registration of building display and storage. Also, please check the documents. We will explain gas appliances, air-conditioning and dishwasher facilities. We also arrange for moving here.

  • 19. Moving in

    New life begins! Please do resident registration and notice of relocation, and choose a good day for moving

  • 20. After maintenance

    Even after you move in, we will advise on housing, consult for additional renovation, maintenance of extension and renovation, and 1 and 5 years inspection.