Process of renovation

  • 1. Consultation

    We will make arrangements until you are satisfied.

  • 2. House research

    Please tell us the details of the renovation. We will measure your house.

  • 3. Create the plan

    We will propose a renovation plan according to your wishes.

  • 4. Estimate

    If you have any questions or unconvincing points about the estimate, please ask us.

  • 5. Agreement

    Please name and stamp on the renovation construction application form. Please pay the application and contract fee. Please make a loan contract in case of loan.

  • 6. Confirmation of building materials and Visits to showrooms

    You can touch actual building materials in our offices and showrooms.

  • 7. Final plan

    We will decide the plan over the details with you.

  • 8. Starting construction

    There is a case that we need to change the construction unavoidably during construction. In that case, we discuss with you and give the best conclusion.

  • 9. Completion

    We will process the remaining construction work and settlement.

7 Declarations on Remodeling

  • 1. We will contribute forever to this town. We provide higher quality service than any other companies. We have proved these for 42 years since our foundation.
  • 2. In Japan it is said that geckos are animals to protect the house. We are the "gecko" to protect your house. We take care of your house with responsibility. We will continue to contribute to this town, so we can fulfill the role of protecting your house. We are also a "gecko" to protect this city. We are doing activities that contribute to the community, like protecting the lives of elderly people in this town
  • 3. We have high skills and deep wisdom. We design and arrange craftsmanship and quality control all at our own company. Wisdom and skills are accumulated in people. Renovation requires higher technology and deeper knowledge than building a house, so please leave it to us.
  • 4. We make environmentally friendly high performance house. We constantly place importance on safety, health, comfort and energy conservation. Generally, performance is ignored in large-scale and low cost renovation. However, we aim for compatibility with performance.
  • 5. We have skills and knowledge to master natural materials and Japanese wood. Recently, it has become more common for customers to use natural materials in renovation. Natural materials are our specialty. Our designer has a skill to do wonderful renovation.
  • 6. We have a wide and deep relationship with the community. We have connections with people involved in construction, forestry, banking, welfare and medical care in this town. It is also our strength to work on renovation using such relationships.
  • 7. We are using detailed estimates rather than complete settlements, so we can make clear estimates.

About renovation loans

We have a renovation loan plan. In order to keep the house comfortable and safe forever, it is important to renovate the interior and exterior at the proper timing, and to maintain the painful part and the old equipment. You can get The Orient Corporation’s loan or The Chiba Kogyo Bank’s loan. Please contact us by inquiry form or phone.