Design compensation

About design compensation

In general, it is said that the design compensation is 10% of the total construction amount. However, even if you are planning the budget to a certain extent, there is no way to know the actual construction budget. Even we cannot know the actual construction amount at the stage of designing by listening to your wishes. We cannot know the material of the roof, the grade of the wood and the external wall material, the interior, and the equipment, so, in reality, we only know the construction budget you are trying to build. This ambiguity sometimes causes troubles. In design compensation, troubles often occur in terms of Land price. In particular, when calculating the price of land with a unit price of tsubo(1tsubo = 3.3 ㎡), bargaining is done between you and the designer, and the relationship may be bad. In order to avoid this, we are taking a special compensation calculation method

Design compensation calculation by total area method

Our office will plan firmly so that there is no trouble and calculate the design compensation with the total area after deciding the plan. Also, clarify the fee for each item of related work, so that there is no uncertain portion. We believe that clarifying money relations is the first step in creating a good relationship with you. Please understand the design compensation calculation by the total area system.