Rain leakage inspection

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It often happens that the leakage recurs. We have a breakthrough technology to prevent the recurrence of leaks. This technology corresponds to all buildings such as wooden frame, steel frame and concrete. With one inspection and repair, we will locate the rain leakage spot as well as the rainwater infiltration port and its route and handle rain leaks. With such a method, useless repair costs due to the recurrence of rain leakage are not applied.

As a result of architectural experts thinking, the rain leakage survey has been simplified so far.

Pour the test liquid from the roof part.

Ultraviolet rays are irradiated to the portion.

Where the test solution has penetrated.

The place where the rain is leaking glows with ultraviolet rays.

1. When the test liquid is flowed from the roof part, it passes through the leakage part of the roof and penetrates into the attic.

2. By illuminating from the attic with the ultraviolet radiation device, we let the test solution light, and find the route of penetration and the location of the leakage.

Outline of rain leakage inspection

1. Reinforce the weakness of visual inspection

In the repair of leakage so far, the repairer observed the building with the naked eye at the time of rain, and was looking for a part that seems to be leaking. However, this method did not discover the fundamental rainwater infiltration route, and the leakage often recurred. In our rain leakage inspection, we simulate the stage of leakage into the room by spraying from the outside of the building, so we can reinforce the weakness of visual inspection.

2. We can find the place where rainwater intrudes.

Scattered luminescent liquid reacting with ultraviolet rays to a place expected to be an entry port of rainwater and irradiate with ultraviolet rays from indoors, the place where luminescent liquid passed will emit light, so you can find the entry port of rainwater.

3. Luminescent liquid

Luminescent liquid is harmless to the building and the human body and does not discolor. This can be used for all buildings, which allows inspection even on sunny days.

4. Reduce costs

Since it is no longer necessary to do extra work, repair costs will be reduced.

Five advantages of new technology

InnovationWe developed a breakthrough method to inspect rain leaks with luminescent liquid. By this method, we will immediately discover the cause of the leakage.
FlexibilityIt corresponds to every building regardless of structure or construction method.
SimplicitySimply flush the luminescent liquid from the top of the building and hit the ultraviolet rays, we can find the part of the leak.
ConvenienceUntil now, checking for leakage was possible only on rainy days, but with this method it is also possible to inspect on sunny days.
Low costThere is no need for extra work and low cost can be realized.

Safety of luminescent solution

The raw material used for the luminescent liquid is what is called “a fluorescent whitening agent” and does not damage the material such as fiber and paper. This luminescent solution is also used for fibers such as cotton, hemp, and silk, paper and detergents.


The price varies depending on the building structure and the number of leak points. Estimates are free, so please contact us. In the case of a wooden two-storey building with one leakage point, the price is 150,000 yen~.

  • Wooden 2 stories 150,000 yen ~
  • Steel frame 2 stories 175,000 yen ~
  • RC construction 2 floors 200,000 yen ~

We firmly investigate and submit a quotation.

If you contact us, we will first check the areas where leakage is likely to occur. We have submitted an estimate after inspecting the water leakage point. If there is any uncertain point in the estimate, do not hesitate to ask.

If you are suffering from leaks, please leave it to us.