Health damage of vinyl cloth

PVC wallpaper problem

At present, vinyl cloth is used in almost every house. It seems Japan is the only country that uses 95% vinyl chloride for wallpaper among developed countries. Although a vinyl cloth used so much, it is harmful material to the human body The walls of vinyl cloth do not breathe like trees, so condensation occurs, and heating causes molds in winter. Molds drift inside the room and cause asthma and allergies.

Features of vinyl cloth

Vinyl cloth produces harmful gases such as hydrochloric acid and dioxin when burned, so it is very dangerous if there is a fire. In addition, polyvinyl chloride causes problems in the environment and the human body during the process of manufacture, use, and disposal. In these manufacturing processes, chlorine gas which is said to have carcinogenicity and chlorine gas which causes acid rain are generated. Certain products are added with stabilizers containing neurotoxic lead in the process of these processes, so be careful. This includes cadmium that caused "itai-itai disease" in Japan. Also, when pasting vinyl wallpaper, sealers, putty, caulking agents, adhesives, fungicides are often used, but nobody knows whether they are really safe or not. In developed countries, these uses are regulated. Especially in Berlin City, these are completely prohibited for use in public buildings.

How about Japan?

In Japan, vinyl cloth is used for floors, walls, and ceilings of many public facilities such as kindergartens, schools, and even hospitals. Though these are cheap, considering the recovery cost of dioxin blown off in case of a fire or the disposal cost of products that cannot be recycled, they are high risk. The rebuilding cycle in Japan is said to be 15 years, but this is shorter than the 30 years of loan period. This is because chemicals with short lifespan are used. If you rebuild one after another in a short period, a lot of material not returning to earth are generated. They will eventually fill all over Japan. We must imagine the influence on children's and grandchildren's age and take countermeasures. That is why we use a lot of natural materials and make environmentally friendly and healthy houses.